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This was so fun and cute!!
All the little interactions and different hands made me giggle

i love this game!!

hahah cool

Very enjoyable game pal

Definitely one of the weirder games I've had the chance to play. I had a great time. Thank you. <3

IT HAVE FEATURES ON THE PAGE, wow nice stuff man

i am a vietnamese and i love the artstyle, thank you for whoever is making this because it is very cool

El Pinche Puta Juey

Très sympa comme jeu !

a funny game and good for killing time

has lovely vietnamese food!

Hello! I thoroughly enjoyed this game! Making Vietnamese food was a lot of fun! Great Job!

this game is so sweet !! lots of fun

Love the color palette!

Bon jeu ! simple mais efficace !


Trông kiểu vẽ giống báo Cười Vui Tết 2015, cảm ơn Broccard đã tạo ra tác phẩm hơi giống Cooking Mama này!

Great game :)
Almost as stressful as the New Year party preparations themselves :D
I loved the art and all the little details! Like different hands giving a thumbs-up after different stages. Thank you for sharing Vietnamese culture and recipes :)

good game

This game is really interesting.

I like it very much.

Great art and fun!

Quick game, fun game.

a really cool experience, with a gameplay loop that I really want play more. happy new year for you <3


I'm Vietnamese!!! really like this game (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)


Why isn't it pointed out here that this is a 64-bit game? Just a hint that it is a Unity game would have been enough for me to know that I can save time and avoid download traffic. :-(

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This was a very unique and enjoyable experience, and I will definitely look at those recipes :)

Pleasant, interesting, diverse. I liked the fact that I wanted to go through to the end, after several failures.

is it me or after "click to start" the game just showed a green screen and nothing else on it?

That shouldn't happen, there should be an intro animation playing instead. Which OS are you on?

nvm after a few retry it works. Very nice game and i love the voice actor and how u add the recipes at the end :D!


i'd play this but i can't download any games

i only play web ones


why yall disliking lol

People downvote everything here for some reason


Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically use to avoid that.


You could download aurora store. Lets you install Google Play Apps without login. Acts like a proxy. But yes, i would like too that developers post their APKs here too instead of only in the large stores

accurate, fun, and charming!

As someone who enjoys both indie games and cooking I really love the idea of combing the two, and the art style is just a neat cherry on top.

excellent!! love the art, super fun. I'm gonna try that dessert recipe too!!


This game is very fun short but great

Very cool art style and very clever idea on representing the culture!

A really fun game , I think a more casual version would be really fun, But I like it a lot . 😊


this was a pretty fun game showcasing the excitement of vietnamese culture, and also works as a standalone warioware-like game. hats off to the albeit very neoliberal but talented people who worked on this. 

it has some flaws though, like how there aren't more things on the menu for more gameplay opportunities, but whatever.


Happy Lunar New Year!

I love the hand-drawn art, it's so warm and inviting!

Your spring rolls and fried bananas look so yummy!

Love the art style!

This game made me want to fry banana!
Thumbs up are very reassuring 👍👍👍
I feel ready.

Happy lunar new year!

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