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Wow. Amazing. What the actual heck


no, this way


no, that way






this way


wrong way


Ces dernières années, le jeu vidéo a fait quelques incursions dans les musées. Il était temps que le travail des artisans du milieu viennent prendre un peu de place sur les murs réservés aux monochromes et autres merveilles de l’esprit humain. KIDS, c’est un peu l’inverse : l’œuvre abstraite s’est échappée d’un musée pour arriver sur nos moniteurs crasseux. Contrairement à un chef-d’œuvre au Ripolin, on peut se la procurer pour trois sous.

KIDS est un court-métrage interactif, où l’on oriente de petits personnages à la souris. On clique et les bonhommes réagissent, ça aurait pu être désuet et drôle. Mais la sensation de malaise surgit bien, fugace, devant ces petits êtres agglutinés. L’ambiance sonore contribue fortement à faire naître l’étincelle de l’angoisse. Dans ce monde en noir et blanc, on semble ordonner la vie et la mort. Suis-je un sauveur ? Suis-je Dieu ? À moins que ce troupeau ne court seul à sa perte, incapable de s’organiser. La vraie angoisse serait d’être un des leurs. Ha zut, ils m’ont eu : j'interprète.

Les amateurs d’animation et les fumeurs de shit gras trouveront dans KIDS matière à gamberger sur l'anthropocène, la création, le panurgisme, la vie, la mort...
Les agoraphobes masochistes sont également bienvenus.

wow really strange and unique game.


Life is complicated. Sometimes it's better to jump into that hole that your friend did... or is it? Kids makes you question a lot of things and I think that level of introspection is missing in a lot of our media today.

mmmmm yes, kids

wow, that was pretty mind-blowing. btw, if you liked it you should defenetly try plug&play (, it was great too




This was legit mind blowing. I can't wait to see more from Playables!

Yeah who knows what this game is about.

Beautiful game. 'Will make a review of it in our next La Playade show

Rarely am I so confused, and so happy at the same time! Great fun :D

Extremely entertaining little game! my letsplay of it just went up  :) ill be definitely keeping my eyes open for more


Wonderful piece. Simple and elegant, loved it !


It's quit an experience. A game that's extremely fun to watch as these....KIDS(?)  do some odd things. Trying to find the meaning of the game is part of the fun. 


Looked Fun, Is Fun, Honestly, Stop wasting Your time on other games, this ones fun.


shut up this one costs money


is this the prequel of undertale


lol true


That's hillarious.

I don't know what i exactly played. But as the same time i loved it. Was so confused in what was going on. Wanted me to play more. 

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Don't even know what to say about this game, go check it out yourself 



🎀 THIS IS SO WEIRD... | Kids Full Gameplay Walkthrough


A game with a simplistic and cool design, great message and that is beautifully done. Hundred percent worth playing.


disa game gets meh



hey, jacksepticeye played this, coooool!!!

Looks so cool!

I love this so much. It's simplicity and execution is just fantastic.


This is really great! I think I get the point, it's really about subverting expectations and peer pressure, and how sometimes you can go against the grain and other times life just forces you down certain paths. 

My youtube channel is all about how Games ARE Art, and games like this just make the point so easy to make! Thank you for sharing your art! 

Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance meets a Keith Haring drawing. It’s the stuff of Spike and Mike and MTV’s Liquid Television.

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