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I bought this in 2020, but my computer kept getting worse so I never got around to playing it. Well I just did on my new computer and I thought it was super cute and way too short

What the hell did I just play 😭 Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. I just have no idea what I did, lol


Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from to avoid that.

Bellissimo lavoro, complimenti 

Surreal and beautiful!

I love this little game. It's well animated and the music makes it super cozy. It's a silly little thing that anybody can get a few minutes of enjoyment out of.

this is a nice experiment

This was such a neat little game! 

play this game there is a spinning onion

Bello! Grazie


What the heck did I just witness


nice. i like that there is an orange in this game because i like oranges.


What a pleasant wee experience, even if I was a bit slow on the uptake with more of it lol


A funny little game.


I adored this


its just weird and it made me uncomfortable 

What a unusual game

Such a beautiful and inspiring game. I'm a new game developer, and this got me huge ideas to do so much with so little.

I feel like this was made by a film director.


This was a great and relaxing way to spend a coffee break.

Hi! Your game is really cool, are you Italian? Because "Il filo conduttore" is Italian 

A short (expected to be short anyway) incredible, intimate game, that explores visual aesthetics and imagination.


absolutely wonderful. the only critical thing i could say is that i wanted it to play more of it!

Il filo conduttore means the conductor string in Italian in case anyone was wondering



Running the game windowed at 1680x1050 after the part where you strum the strings, I through the ball up into the air and it got stuck at the bottom of the screen unmoving.

Replaying the game it was the part where you throw the ball into the air, it goes up, comes down in slow motion, and lands in the silver cup.

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[this review has minor spoilers for the game.]

This game brings me back to a nostalgic part of my childhood reading through I Spy books. The soft lighting and straight-on perspective of this game also reminds me of Dutch still life paintings. Each scene was a fun little puzzle to figure out; I absolutely loved when the strings made music. Short and sweet!


The kids loved this! They're begging for a part 2.


That was very strange. I fully intend this as a compliment.


Oooohhh I really enjoyed this. Vintage arthouse cinema vibes and a playful interactive experience. Great! 

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?? All I see is the ball on the string. No coffee pot or other items. Am I dumb? 

Pull down on the ball.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

INCREDIBLE. Love the effort put in the game: the sounds, the graphic, the story. Wish it was longer. Very well done!


I love the sounds, so crisp and satisfying.


Thank you.


great! cool! i loved it!